Is testing cosmetics on animals necessary?

The short answer to this question is NO!

Animal testing is cruel, inhumane and it is unnecessary.

Cosmetic companies have over 7000 ingredients available to them that have already been tested on animals and do not require any further barbaric testing.

So cosmetic companies testing on animals is very much a choice.

If companies choose to create products using “new” ingredients then these ingredients will require safety data to satisfy regulators. So when that new must have anti ageing formula with the new improved ingredients is advertised it is likely that this product will have been tested on animals.

Science tells us that testing on animals is too variable to be accurate. Results show that testing on animals is often only between 40-60% accurate.

Today we also have far more sophisticated technology such as computers and robots that and research has found them to be 80% accurate, so it has a massive margin over animal testing.




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