Testing On Animals Ain’t Pretty

Up to 1400 animals can be used to test 1 cosmetic ingredient, these tests are carried out on rabbit’s, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and rats.

Animals that are born in laboratories will never see the light of day, they will never breathe fresh air and they will never have a day free of fear, pain or suffering.


Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 23.18.27.png

(Image by Teigh used in a Peta advertisement)


The tests that they are subjected to are carried out over a period of weeks and sometimes even months. Typically these tests for cosmetic purposes are for skin and eye irritation, so these little defenceless animals have their fur shaven so that chemicals can be rubbed into their skin and the chemicals will also be dripped into their eyes. They will even be forcefully given these chemicals orally to determine how much of a dosage they can swallow before it kills them.

As you can imagine these tests cause horrendous pain and these little animals are never provided with any pain relief.  They will often suffer from blindness, sore bleeding skin, internal bleeding and organ damage. If they survive all this their ending is no less cruel and so when they have served their purpose without mercy these animals will be asphyxiated, have their neck broken or be decapitated.


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