Gucci To Go Fur Free Spring 2018

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Last week Gucci made the announcement that they would be going fur free at the beginning of Spring 2018, joining other fashion power houses Calvin Klein, Armani and Ralph Lauren.

Each fashion house owned by parent company is Kering who have now been on the road to sustainability for sometime now.

Their 2025 pledge

At Kering we believe in pushing ourselves beyond our limits and driving our brands toward higher levels of economic, environmental, ethical and social performance. We see sustainability as a necessity, for sustainability and luxury are one and the same. We began our journey over ten years ago, placing sustainability at the core of our business strategy, and are now set to open a new chapter. More than ever before, we will CARE about our impact on the planet, on climate change, on natural resources; COLLABORATE for the good of our employees, suppliers, clients; CREATE pioneering ideas to safeguard our rich heritage, and empower future generations. We will help craft tomorrow’s luxury, with our new three pillar roadmap for 2025: care, collaborate, create.

Their CEO’s statement

       More than ever I am convinced that sustainability can redefine business value and drive future growth. As business leaders we all have a crucial role to play and I worked with the CEOs of our luxury Maisons to embed sustainability across our activities while developing this next important phase of our sustainability strategy.

François-Henri Pinault,

Chairman & CEO, Kering

Kering own many fashion brands, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen to name just a few.


This could mean a beginning to the end of the Fur industry in our lifetime if Kering are true to their promise of being committed to sustainability.


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