Dr Botanicals – Lemon Superfood All-In-One Rescue Butter


Dr Botanicals are a Vegan certified brand that create natural skin care products.

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The Lemon Superfood All In One Rescue Butter is a recent edition to the Dr Botanical product range and perfect for summer.

This rescue butter is filled with 96% natural ingredients that are designed to rejuvenate and sooth the skin making it perfect to revive dry skin. The combination of the Lemongrass and Coconut oil smell delicious enough to eat, although I wouldn’t recommend this. It comes in a 50ml tube making it perfect to carry around in a handbag to be used as a nourishing summer hand cream. Alternatively you could use on dry cracked skin around the heels or elbow, it would also be ideal to apply as an aftersun balm to help restore and heal sunburn.

Information on the tube also recommends this product as a facial moisturiser or even cleanser, I personally find the consistency of the balm a little too thick for my liking as I prefer facial oils.

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Another great facial product from Dr Botanicals is their Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask.

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Again this new 100% natural product from Dr Botanicals is like nourishing food to the skin. At this time of year it’s so important to keep our skin hydrated and moisturised. I recommend a little self care and apply this magic moisture mask for 10 minutes before bed to help repair & fight damage that can be caused by free radicals. At 30ml’s this is a perfect edition to your holiday hand luggage ensuring that you take care of your skin while you have fun in the sun.

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