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There is a very ugly truth about the beauty industry……

It is estimated that every year over 500,000 animals are used for the purpose of testing on cosmetics.

In order for you to have that latest shade of lipstick or the new improved foundation formula an animal is born into a life time of torture and suffering.

These innocent animals are relentlessly tested on, never shown any compassion and when their little bodies are so damaged, they are painfully and without mercy disposed of in the most inhumane of ways.

Most of us could never imagine carrying out such horrific acts of cruelty and yet every time we purchase products that are tested on animals we are paying for such heinous acts to be committed.

Scientific research tells us that the results of testing on animals is so variable that consumer safety cannot be guaranteed and so animal testing is not only cruel but it is also unnecessary.

Real beauty is more than skin deep…

Beauty is in kindness, compassion and empathy for all living beings.

So with this blog I was to share with you that cruelty free living doesn’t have to be difficult or limiting, it just means that we have to become conscious shoppers.

Before making any beauty purchases I always ask myself;

What am I endorsing? Did any living being have to suffer in order for me to have this? And if so what are the cruelty free alternatives?

There are many alternatives that are out there and everytime you purchase a cruelty free beauty product you become a voice for the voiceless.

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